Care Until Help Arrives

Whether you are transporting a bird to us or waiting for a volunteer to arrive, there are some important steps to follow:
Be sure you have contacted a licensed rehabber. The bird you have found may not need rescue, and may be showing normal behavior. Call first.

If the bird is small and you can safely wrap a small towel around it and set it in a clean box, do so. Raptors possess sharp talons and will use them when they are disturbed. Wear leather gloves and use the towel to gently secure the bird into the box.

Keep pets, children and people away. An injured or sick bird that you can approach is already dangerously stressed. Human contact is added stress.

If the bird is too large to safely secure (an eagle, large owl or hawk), try to prevent it from harm (busy road, predators) and wait for help. Even a sick raptor can inflict serious injury. Stay away from the bird. Your close presence adds to an already injured bird’s stress.

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