Sponsor a Release

Can you imagine watching one of our birds taking flight and returning to the life they were meant to live?

Now imagine dedicating that release to a loved one. As we honor our rehabilitated bird prior to release and tell a bit about its story, we would be pleased to share a bit about someone special who you would like honored.

Maybe Grandpa loved eagles, or was a veteran of the armed services. Maybe your mom’s favorite bird was owls. Maybe someone left this earth too soon and you are looking to commemorate their life in a special way.

We can’t predict when we will release a particular species.

But if you want to Sponsor a Release, we can put you on a list and contact you prior to the event.

A donation of $100 is requested for this special honor.

When you sponsor a release you will be an honored attendee at the event.

Call for details 715 781-2595.

Sponsor a Release